One of “those” days,

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Have you ever had one of these days?

You step into the shower with your glasses on and immediately your vision clouds because of the steam, and the harder you try to see the more difficult it becomes because moisture drops have obscured pretty much everything.

Then you start to panic that you are losing your eyesight and you immediately start worrying about how you are going to miss seeing the little things like the sight of fresh, green grass covered in dewdrops sparkling in the early morning sunshine or your daughter’s eyes that are the color of rich, milk chocolate fringed with long, black lashes, or the way your husband’s smile crinkles his eyes when he looks at you.

Then you start thinking about all the things that you are never going to see like your daughters graduating from high school and college, the face of your first grandchild, or a school of dolphins skimming alongside your (fictional, but totally possible) yacht as the sun glints off of impossibly blue water that seems to stretch forever.

Once you start thinking along those lines, you get a little misty eyed and maybe a tear or two starts to gather in your eyes, so you go to wipe them. And that’s when you realize you’re still wearing your glasses. You take them off, and though everything is still blurry (the normal amount of blurry), you realize you are not losing your eyesight and you’re so happy that you shower alone because no one ever need know how you freaked out about forgetting to take off your glasses.

Of course, then you have to blog about it because it’s been one of those days and the original post your were going to write about is lost somewhere in that Swiss cheese grey matter you call a brain.

That gets you to thinking about this thing called ADD that you have, which is usually a good thing (with meds and management) because it allows you to be creative, see lots of ideas, and get a lot of stuff done. Then there are the days when it isn’t a good thing, like today, and you totally freak out because you forgot to take off your glasses. Like I said, Swiss cheese.

Consequently, in honor of my own fallibility and because I’m having one of those days, (and also because I really like word games) I am going to play an analogy game using the initials ADD to remind myself how I usually am versus how I am feeling today.

Most days I feel like I’m Able: Driven Doer. Sometimes I even feel Academic: Dedicated Director.

But some days I am Apathetic: Dreary Downer or Able: (but still) Difficult Day, much like today.

How about you? Can you come up with your own analogy using ADD or another acronym that’s near and dear to you? Or have you ever had one of those days like me?  I’d love to hear from you!

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