Head Hopping

As a new writer, I have received a lot of advice about head hopping, the practice of switching POV within a scene to better understand character emotions, ideas, motives, etc. I certainly have my on POV when it comes to head hopping, both as a reader and an author, but what do you think? Does it confuse you as a reader to have authors switch POV within a scene? Do you even care? Take my poll and let me know what you think, and then I’ll tell you my opinion on this contentious topic.

3 thoughts on “Head Hopping

  1. Honestly, as I reader I’m not fond of the head hop. I like it in romance where you have a dual POV, on female, the other male. But otherwise, it’s confusing to me. I think definitely a no-no within a chapter. And you must have excellent grasp of voice so they’re distinct.

    1. It’s interesting to read about everyone’s preferences regarding this topic. I know of several like you who do not enjoy it where others like me prefer it. I find myself always wondering what is going on with everyone else when I’m in one character’s head versus another. Maybe it’s my background in teaching where I have to know what is going on with each of my students at any given time that makes head hopping more appealing to me.

      1. It is intriguing. And I think that’s why it’s great when an author comes out with a book that is basically the same incidents but from someone else’s POV. I guess it’s more about finding a piece of work that handles it well. More times than not, it’s not done masterfully. It can get confusing fast when there’s more than two characters. And especially if they’re not written with distinctly different voices.

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