You’ll never guess who I saw today?

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(Squeal!!) I know you never will so I am just going to tell you.

It was….The Queen of the Universe!

I know, right? Who even knew she was in town? Let me tell you how it happened (so exciting!!)

After a family outing to get some ice cream, I pulled up at a light behind another car. The left arrow light turned green, but the other car at the front of the line didn’t move. I peered through the windows and saw a woman’s head bent over the radio controls. It looked like she was fiddling with the dials, so I honked lightly to remind her that it was time to turn. She poked her head up from what she was doing and held up her index finger to tell me to wait. That’s when I knew. It was the Queen herself. I just know she was conducting important business inside her car while a line of traffic formed behind her.

After about fifteen seconds, she finally turned and while I initially was content to follow her parade, my husband urged me to pass (She was only going 15 miles per hour under the speed limit. A Queen moves at her own speed after all).

Once I passed, we all looked over to see what she looked like, only ever having seldom seen an actual QotU. Imagine my surprise when she gave me the Royal Middle Finger Salute! What a fine day and a magnificent honor to receive!

My only regret is that we didn’t actually meet. I would have liked to have expressed my feelings to her about that salute, especially since my two children were there to witness it as well.

Alas, we parted company, but I imagine she won’t stay hidden for long. Queens do have a way of making themselves visible, don’t they?

(For those of you who will start warning about glass houses and all, I do own a tiara but it mostly stays hidden in my closet collecting dust. It only comes out on extremely rare occasions).

What about you? Have you seen the QotU or a member of her royal family out and about recently?

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