Gracie’s Plan by Rose Lange, a review

gracie's plan
Gracie’s Plan by Rose Lange is a contemporary spicy romance featuring a hunky hero, lots of sexual tension and snappy dialogue.

Not many people get a second chance at love, but that’s just what Annabelle and her ex-husband Kade Hoffman receive as a parting gift from Annabelle’s recently departed Aunt Grace. Forced to live in close quarters, Annabelle and Kade must decide if they will continue to fight their attraction to each other or if they will repair their once happy relationship. Love’s road is never smooth, and Annabelle must confront her demons, an abusive past that has left her uncertain and afraid to love again. Though she tries to push him away, Kade isn’t ready to accept defeat. With his tender care, he helps heal old wounds and ignites a passion that was all part of Gracie’s Plan.

A quick, entertaining read, the story seamlessly progresses from scene to scene while still giving the reader dynamic fleshed out characters and plenty of steamy descriptions. Though the story has a satisfying conclusion, the reader is left wishing for more of Lange’s clever storytelling. A fun, sexy debut novel! Looking forward to future publications by Rose Lange.

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