Water, A Nursery Rhyme


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Water, water everywhere

Enough for everyone if we share.

From coast to coast to every river bend

Teeming ponds and  lakes–our fortune has no end.


We ooze out water between our toes

Squirt it in our eyes and up our nose.

We keep it running as we brush our teeth

A short walk to the kitchen, it’s always in reach.


Thank God our politicians have enough grace 

to shake our hands and smile in our face 

while their back alley deals and hefty “political fees” 

ensure our water is relatively waste free.


Unless of course you live in Flint.


Then for goodness sake, keep your mouth shut,

or you will surely be silenced, taken down, wiped out.

What’s important is it hasn’t happened here.  (Wait-What do you mean it’s happened in 41 other states?)

How did information like this just disappear?


Never mind all that. Our children are safe. They don’t have to walk for blocks

With containers on their heads and bare feet with no shoes or socks.

They don’t dig in the sand with tiny  hands praying they find a muddy pool.

We just turn on a tap and cool water flows whether at home or work or school. 


Who cares if more than 7,000 schools have tested positive for lead?

Our children are among the best educated and they aren’t yet dead.

Though now that I think about it, maybe it’s time we should act. 

After all I read, one of those schools was close-less than 100 miles down the track.


But wait, I forgot! I live in the Midwest.

Known for its rivers, streams and ponds-they’re the best!

Don’t forget the lakes (we’re bordered by two)-we’re drowning in fresh water,

A veritable play land  for every tourist or native son and daughter. 


Disaster! Last night’s news  curtailed our fun,

And we finally saw what our complacency had done.

Our rights-denied.

Our jeweled waterways, our joy, our pride-


Gone. Sold to the highest bidder.


Oh, America how great thou art

Where anything can be bought or easily got

You truly are the land of water and honey

That is, of course, as long as you have money.


The rest of the rabble, us lowly poor suckers

Must pay the price  or else our rights will suffer.

What did you say? The rabble is ninety-nine percent?

But what can we do? Never mind. We’ll follow. We’re content.

© Sara Ackerman 2016





5 thoughts on “Water, A Nursery Rhyme

    1. Thank you! I was feeling a bit tongue-in-cheek today and a little frustrated at some current events happening in my state. Thanks for stopping by ☺

    1. Agreed. It seems heavier than in years past. I wonder if that’s because we have more access to immediate news. Our job, though, becomes more difficult in that we need to identify what’s credible and what’s sensationalism.

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