Why There are Mountains

Good teacher’s model, so here is a myth I created for my students to model how to write a myth. 

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Once a long time ago, there was Earth, Sky and Water.  Earth was not very big, but he was happy because he had Sky to look at every day and night.  Sky was beautiful and blue and stretched all over Earth. She lit Earth during the day and blanketed him in starry darkness at night.  

Earth and Sky loved each other but Water surrounded Earth preventing them from ever touching.  As years of separation passed, Sky grew despondent. Her beautiful blue faded to a dull grey. Evening stars disappeared behind towering clouds and her anger rumbled the heavens. Sizzling, jagged lines tore her beautiful canvas in two, and She wept almost every day.

Earth had to do something to stem her storm of grief. “Why do you stop me from being with Sky?”

“Because Sky is mine,” Water replied, pushing foamy waves onto Earth.

“You don’t love her like I do!”

Water’s rippling laugh touched Earth’s shore.  “Why should I love her?  She is nothing to me. But because you want her, she is mine.”

“If you don’t love her, then why stop us from being together?”

Water roared up into a large wave and shouted, “Because I am more powerful than you, Earth!  See how my waves wash away your land?  See how I rise and flood your green growing things? You can never stop me!” And to prove his point, Water reared up and sent flooding waves onto gentle Earth.  

Earth was drowning.  Water covered him and smothered his green life, but something deep inside rumbled, urging Earth to anger. He shook and rumbled and finally roared.  

Rising from the depths of Water, he grew and changed as molten rage burst through his verdant rolling hills and silenced the rippling wheat on his plentiful plains.  He pushed himself into large pointed peaks until he towered over Water, but he didn’t stop.  He pushed and pushed until he reached Sky.

Only then did his ire cool and he stopped to see what he had done.  “See me now, Water?  See how tall I’ve grown?”  

Water was frenzied and in a desperate attempt to regain control, he tried rising up to cover Earth. No matter how much he rippled and waved and splashed, Water could not reach Earth and his large pointed peaks.  Earth laughed at Water and his happiness echoed throughout Sky, until it sounded as if the whole Universe were laughing, sharing in their joy at being reunited.  

Water slunk away from Earth, never again to completely drown him from existence.  To this day, whenever Water tries to wash Earth away, Earth will shake and rumble and roar until more land is pushed high to Sky.  

©Sara Ackerman, 2016

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