Silence is Golden

Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion, especially when given such a great prompt. My second book, Silence is Golden, was contracted at the end of August and will be released in 2017. All my favorite parts are coming up–getting a cover, writing the blurbs, editing and revising. Fun times ahead!

Here’s the current blurb on my site. 

Ever since Evelyn Westby was cursed at the tender age of five, she has been incapable of speaking to anyone outside her family. Still, men far and wide seek to win her favor for her incomparable beauty and mysterious allure. When her betrothal is canceled because of her curse, Evie will do anything to win back the love of her fiance, even travel to war-torn France. Her plans go terribly wrong, but when she meets an intriguing stranger, he helps her learn to accept herself by proving that Silence is Golden.

Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.

© Sara Ackerman 2016

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