I’m a little late to the game. This was written for  yesterday’s prompt, but I forgot to post! Happily, it works for today’s post as well.

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Smoke and mirrors     n. a strategy of deception and cover up

Everyday she went to work, pasted a smile on her face and donned a ‘can-do’ attitude, but the lingering fear someone would discover that her act was all smoke and mirrors never disappeared.

Blow smoke      tv. to state something in a way that conceals the truth

After years of blowing smoke to her husband, her colleagues and herself, she was tired of pretending to enjoy a profession in which she no longer felt valued. 

Go up in smoke     v. to be wasted or spoiled

Quitting, though, was a difficult decision, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to allow fifteen years of professional experience go up in smoke, nor did she relish the prospect of rearranging her life.

Smoke out     v. to force someone to stop hiding

Her childhood friend smoked her out and told her to consider if she still felt challenged and if not, would she let another fifteen years go by before doing something about it.

Smoke    n. 1. the cloud of black, gray or white gases and dust that is produced by burning something

The woman wanted to make a change,  but her job offered security, good insurance and a pension; logic won and burned her aspirations until they were nothing more than a pile of ash and smoke. 

n. 2. something of little value or permanence

Defeated, she resigned herself to years of drudgery, devaluation and despair while her dreams, her dedication and her desires floated away–condensed into wispy, ephemeral smoke with as little substance as a puff of air. 

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