Nano Woes

I woke up early to write for NaNoWriMo and decided a hot cup of tea was in order. I put my mug in the microwave and when done, reached for it with my right hand and burned my fingers. My left hand came to the rescue. Ever the copycat, it reached in and grabbed the scalding mug because, you know, the left hand is heat resistant. (Face palm). I’ve been nursing two burned fingers today, but I did get 500 words this morning. Only 45,000 more to go!

10 thoughts on “Nano Woes

      1. I have this bad habit, when ever anyone gets hurt, I laugh. It’s instantaneous. I’m not laughing at the person, but laughing out of nervous concern, but I laugh until I am doubled over. We have a history in my family. I’m not aloud to speak of it, but omg the incidents are hilarious.

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