He Tenido Suficiente

Si quiere vender libros o tener una audiencia en Internet, no hable de politica. Este es el consejo recibi cuando empece a escribir. Entiendo los razones. Es importante aparezca neutral. Ya no puedo hacerlo. Estoy enojada. No, no. Necesito una palabra mas fuerte. Estoy livida. Furiosa.

No puedo leer como que horible es a critcar el hijo del presidente cuando la gente llamo las hijas del presidente cosas mas feas. Una persona malvada deseaba que Malia Obama muriera de SIDA. Ahora es diferente? Porque? Por que es un hijo blanco? Y la Marcha de Mujeres. Cuantos de mis amigos estaban enojados con los manifestantes? Cuantos pensaban que las mujeres necesitaban aceptar y seguir adelante? Así que hace 8 años cuando la gente quemó efigies del presidente que no era nada?  Estoy cansada de los estandares dobles.

Ya no puedo escuchar como debo aceptarlo y seguir adelante. El es presidente ahora. Vive con ello. Como puedo vivir con ira, racismo, sexismo y la marginacion de la mitad de poblacion de los Estados Unidos? No es mi presidente, y El no merece mi respeto.

No puedo pensar en mis amigos que votaron por el de la misma manera. Como puedo? Mi hija es birracial. Mis estudiantes son hispanos y musulmanes.  ‘Estos amigos’ votaron por un racista. Mi esposo tiene un discapacidad y ellos votaron por un hombre quien se burlo de una person con discapacidades. Yo fui violada, abusada, y acosada sexualmente. Como puedo ser amigo de alguien quien voto por un hombre que se haya jactado de asaltar a las mujeres? Si piensan que estas acciones son aceptables, no son mis amigos.

Es muy tentador publicar esto en inglés en todas mis cuentas de redes sociales pero admito que soy un cobarde. No quiero leer correo de odio o tener amenazas contra mi vida. Ya he vivido eso.

Y que bien haria para decir esto? La gente creera lo que quiere. Yo voy a vivir mi vida con respeto y amor y cada dia voy a luchar por los derechos de ‘lo menos de estos.’

“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ Mathew 25:45


**If anyone does read this, please excuse my missing accents or any other errors I made. And on that note, if you know any shortcuts for making accents, I’d love to hear them.



8 thoughts on “He Tenido Suficiente

      1. Thanks for the resources and the reminders. I have no desire to share beyond here and those who can understand. I needed to vent and I need to practice my written Spanish. It’s not good enough to take the bilingual classes I want. Spoken is fine. Written not so much, so I’ll be posting more often in Spanish. The alt codes will be useful. Thanks!

  1. Great to see you write in Spanish! It’s perfectly understandable to a Spanish speaker. I agree with you that sometimes silence can be taken for acquiescence and those of us who work with people and/or depend on people directly to earn a living can be forced into a compliant silence. I’ve been compared to Don Quijote for supporting my ideas. I am an anarchist by conviction. If you read Bakunin and Emma Goldman, the sources of anarchism (which is not antifa or those flag burning, window bashing balaclava wearers no matter what mass media says) you see the point of it. As much as I despise the actual American president, I realize there is a bigger issue at stake. It is the system that is broken. It has been this way from the start. I always recommend the excellent Noam Chomsky documentary “Requiem for the American Dream”. He explains it all perfectly and clearly.
    BTW, if you have time, I’d like you to join me in the Three Day Quote challenge, three days three quotes each day and nominate three writers on days 1 and 2.
    ¡Un abrazo!

    1. I agree the problem is deeper than one man. Recent events have demonstrated that fact. A corrupt system encourages corrupt individuals. I appreciate the suggestion of authors to read. I am currently working my way through El coronel no tiene quien le escribe and Farenheit 451 (en español), but will put them on my list to read. My silence has been weighing on me, and with some of the recent changes which have occurred, I can’t in good conscience be silent any longer.

      I accept your quote challenge. Gracias!

      1. There is a saying in Spanish:” El que calla, otorga”( He who is silent, consents). You just can’t keep quiet always, I have also been told to watch what I say because I am treading on thin ice. Spain is a country where,as I’ve written times enough, uniqueness is not and has not been encouraged historically. A woman talking politics is looked at with suspicion and tolerated at best.. We’re modern in appearance but not so much deep down in our collective psyche. Forty years of dictatorship have become 80 years of fear of the different, mistrust and loathing of the individual who dares stand out. I personally find Trump disgusting but he is not the problem. He is not doing what he personally wants. He is just a puppet, just like the rest of them. In Spain it is quite clear. It doesn’t matter who is in power, they all give each other a hand. I’ve said it tirelessly, to no avail. In the end I’ve had to block people I knew on Facebook or Twitter because they just attacked every single thing I posted. If you don’t have too much time, try to see any interview with Noam Chomsky, and if you can, his excellent documentary “Requiem for the American Dream” which is on Netflix. Thank you for accepting the challenge! ¡Buen fin de semana!

      2. I’ve been planning on watching Requiem for the American. It’s in my queue. There’s much to ponder, and much to change. The key is, at least for me, finding a way to speak out without losing my position. Much of what is odious to me is the persecution of minorities, specifically those students with whom I work. There’s only so much I can do in a small community without putting my job in jeopardy, especially since I’m a public employee. In my own way, I’ve been pushing back. Small but important actions, which I hope lead to greater change over time. Have a great Sunday evening!

      3. I hear you! I live in a small town and I’m faced with much the same issues as you mention. We have about 10% foreign population ( Chinese, south American, European, Pakistani…) but there’s no real problems for anyone and little racism because people fit in. If everyone does their bit, it all adds up! Good week to you!

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