A Dream in Yellow

I woke up yesterday morning and asked my husband, “Have you ever had a dream where you really need to go to the bathroom and then everyone in your dream tries to stop you? You know, the dream where you tell your companion you need to use the facilities and he talks for hours and hours and you’re doing the cross-legged potty dance but he doesn’t notice, so you run away with a friend who says she has a bathroom  for you to use but it’s a bit of a drive; in the car she hands you an extra large Mountain Dew and by the time you pull over to the McDonald’s five states away you almost weep for joy upon spying it’s familiar yellow arches, this beacon of relief to your barely contained bladder which prompts you to sprint from the car before it’s stopped, run inside only to find all the bathrooms are used and for some reason McDonald’s has added showers, so the sound of rushing water inundates your auricle facilities until you almost burst, and by the time you have decided wetting yourself is the only possible solution in such a situation, you wake up, realize you have GOT TO GO and you stumble groggily to the bathroom  to find your husband already there and once again you have to make a run for it, but it’s real life and you’re half asleep so you stumble into a wall before finally, FINALLY you can go to the bathroom. Has this ever happened to you?”

My husband looked at me like I had grown three heads and said, “Ah, no.”

I cleared my throat. “Oh, well, me neither. I was just checking to see if you had ‘cuz, you know, that would be embarrassing.”

via Daily Prompt: Yellow

(C) Sara Ackerman, 2017

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