Jesus Horses–an oldie but a goodie

16507913_1602666786417102_9207007303206492050_nRecently, one of my students and I reconnected on Facebook and she messaged me, “I still get a big smile when I remember our talk about Jesus horses. LOL. ” Unfortunately, I have no recollection of that story so I asked my former aide, friend and co-conspirator to figure out what Jesus Horses were. The story goes something like this…

On one of my first field trips with students, we went to my Alma mater for a college visit. It was my hope to inspire my students to think beyond high school to their goals for the future. With pride, I showed them the campus and the dorms. We ate lunch at the cafeteria and ended our tour of the museum, a stately grey-bricked building on the far side of campus, which happened to be hosting an exhibition of dinosaur bones. One of my students, an inquisitive 17 year old, detached herself from the group to ask me a question about the exhibit.

“Ms. Stone,” *Anna asks. “How old are dinosaur bones?”

“Pretty old,” I reply, trying to remember exactly how many bajillion years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth. 

“Were they around when you were born?” she asks.

I level her a frosty stare. “I’m not that old, Anna. They were around a long time before me.”

She’s quiet for a moment as she thinks about what a long time before me could mean. “Were they around when your parents were born?”

“Anna,dinosaurs died off millions of years before you or I walked this earth.”

 “Oh, so they were around when Jesus was alive.”

By this time, my patience has worn thin, and I can’t tell if she truly doesn’t understand or if she is purposefully misunderstanding me to see how far she can push me. Rolling my eyes to the ceiling, I give in. “Yes, Anna. Dinosaurs were around when Jesus was alive. He used to ride them like horses.”

“Jesus horses,” Anna says with a twinkle in her eyes. “I thought so.” And with a small giggle, she runs off in front of me to catch up with her friends.

All I wanted to do was inspire my students to think outside themselves and their view of the world, and all I ended up doing was memorializing Jesus Horses.

Plus, I think I’m probably going to hell.

*Name has been changed

(C) Sara Ackerman 2017

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