Paper Heart Break

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A white sheet of paper and fourteen folds was all it took. Once completed, I’d write little notes on each folded heart, a reminder of a happy event we shared or one of the many reasons I loved him. He placed them on the mantle, his desk, dresser and on the living room bookcases. Hearts littered every free surface; we were surrounded by our love.

Then one day there were fewer hearts, and only a handful remained on his desk, almost hidden by piles of paperwork. Soon even those holdouts had disappeared. He worked later and spent less time at home. I still folded hearts for him; I loved him all the same. They remained in an old shoe box, though, hidden and shamed, for no message marked their unblemished exterior. No surface awaited their arrival.

When he moved out I folded heart after heart until my fingers cracked and blood from countless paper-cuts stained the pristine hearts red with my grief. Divorce papers arrived soon after, and in my anger, I burned every heart I had made. I watched as the flames licked higher and higher, consuming the fragile paper until only ashes remained to swirl up and around me, falling on my cheeks and eyelashes. Only after all the hearts had been turned to ash and the fire had died did I sign his papers.

I folded one last heart and mailed it to his attorney the next day. 

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(C) Sara Ackerman, 2017

12 thoughts on “Paper Heart Break

    1. and in some cases, a welcome relief for both. In any case, the severing of a relationship, no matter the length, is painful. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks for the link back to your site and for the reblog about my release party. Sorry I’m just getting back to you now about the latter; summer vacation has started and between summer time projects, my book release and prepping for a trip to Costa Rica next week, it’s been crazy. Hope all is well with you!

      1. Im doing fine, thank you so much. Still working on getting my new site up and running properly. We had to change how we received it as it kept crashing daily. Seems stable now. Congratulations on the new book release! wooot Great stuff. Hope your trip to Costa Rica is a blast! and you have a great time! Sounds like although a busy time, it’s a great time so kudos to you and your family. Wonderful news for sure!

      2. I’m sorry your new site is being a pain. I hate it when tech doesn’t work how I want it to work. I do like the new look, though. It’s clean and sophisticated. I’ll post pics here when I get back from my trip. I’m really looking forward to it. Any plans for you this summer?

      3. No plans other than looking after grandkids for the summer as both mom and dad work summers and have time off in winter at christmas time. Tech is beyond me these days. My son has worked diligently when he has time and is remarkable. I’m blessed that way, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to cope. lol Cant wait to see your pics. I am the original armchair traveler after all hehe Hope you have a spectacular time!!!

    1. I’m lucky to be in a good marriage now, but had a short, tumultuous one when very young. Divorce, while unpleasant and expensive, was a relief for me. I can’t even contemplate what it would be like after sharing years with someone you care deeply about.

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