Rainy Day Blues

This is Sara’s yard eight months after the end of construction.


This is the weather in Sara’s neck of the woods.


This is the book from which Sara borrowed pertinent phrases to express her displeasure that the rain had prevented her landscaping contractor from coming to sod and seed. Again.screenshot_20170628-085558.png

This is the corner where the 14 y/o laughingly suggested Sara sit after befouling the air with choice phrases taken from the above book.


This is the spot Sara demanded from the 14 y/o after her sassy remark. This is the remote she took as well.


This is the British period drama Sara is going to binge watch until it’s sunny again.

north and south

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

15 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blues

    1. Thanks! My neighborhood is all new construction and the people building next to us have a slew of workers hopping around in the rain. I was half hoping the landscaper still might show but no luck. Oh, well. Another day!

      1. In my christmas pics I showed snow off one of the back decks, with massive trees, (100 year old) now all gone as the land was sold and construction and digging has taken place. The fence goes in tomorrow. OMG 40 tract houses (duplex) beside us where those gorgeous trees once stood. sigh. in 6 weeks the actual construction will begin. I miss the trees!

      2. That’s too bad. I Hate it when trees are cut down for progress. Fortunately our neighborhood is built on an old hay field, no trees except on the edges, and we’re fortunate to live on an edge property. Sorry your view has changed, tho! That’s disappointing!

      3. THank you. I miss them. No one thought that property would sell…imagine 20 years it sat dormant and 6 months after buying this property, it sold to a couple of contractors. Then the land across the street sold. Some dude that owns a cupboard company bought it. Fortunately, it will be 4 years before construction begins. Enough time to make a few repairs and move on.

      4. I hope! It’s good but there are complications and he hasn’t had any more time to look at it as he’s got his own to do and he works and we look after little people and and and lol life is busy

      5. That’s what our place in Hardy looked like. 80% of the year lol. I’m glad we’re here now. It’s only 30% of the year probably less as we now have a winter and not constant unending rain.

      6. We aren’t usually this rainy, but we’ve had a really wet spring/early summer. I think I’d take winter to unending rain. Snow is much prettier than mud puddles.

    1. Thank you. I was steamed yesterday. Sunny today so maybe I’ll see him. then again maybe not. We had maybe storms last night, tornado touch down, high winds, etc. Everyone will be busy with clean up.

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