An Homage to my roots

I am from antique sideboards

from Pledge and Old English

I am from the front parlor

Pristine, proper

it smelt like the starch from my Sunday dress

I am from crocuses,

the first hardy harbingers of spring

disturbing complacency with hope for renewal


I’m from the “Klutz Award” and dirty Polish ditties

from Kasjaka and Lucchesi and dependable Stone

I’m from old world tradition

and melting pot charm

From ‘do unto others’ and ‘blooming arschloch’

I’m from Sunday sermons

and open-doors to those in need.


I’m from the Mayflower and Ellis Island

Pasties kept in underwear drawers and hand-made noodles

(like flapping linens hung out to dry).

From the Limburger chimney

to the Anderson water curse and the toilet which crumbled underneath grandpa


In my mind I see each picture

Old and new, traditional and modern, faded and clear

I am from the past and the present

a contradiction of culture,

a patchwork of love.

via Daily Prompt: Homage


(C)Sara Ackerman, 2017

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