The Beauty of Trees

Trees are extraordinary beings. They have the ability to grow almost anywhere provided the proper nourishment.

In cracks.

Through roofs.

In the hottest desert.

And in the coldest tundra.

Some of the most beautiful trees are carried on the wind, flying across borders to find a niche and grow. They sink into the soil, plant their roots and spread, often giving rise to entire forests of trees.

Trees who provide shade and comfort. Trees who protect and nourish others. Trees who have forged a life and supported whole ecosystems even though they were not planned.

There are forests of trees across our nation  in danger of extinction because of gardeners in their big, orange rubber gloves who object to the chaos of unplanned beauty. They will bring their poison and their shovels and kill the trees which have left indelible marks on the American landscape.

Some trees are so deeply rooted they will never move, but those who are young, who cling to small bits of soil as they find their way in these new environments are in danger. It is for these small saplings with their fragile limbs who worry me. Their extinction, once protected by humanitarian foresight to shelter the least of these, has been removed by an orange-gloved developer in an act of cowardice and malice.

To all my tree loving friends, fight. Protect your trees. They are what make America great. And to  all my trees, dig deep and stay strong. The winds of change move slowly but they always blow toward justice.



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