Mother Nature Calls


Calm, rippling waters

A family day on the river

Blue, cloudless skies

Sunshine ripples silver

As we meander through the waves upriver.


Glorious eagle  silhouetted

High on a branch for all to see

His majestic profile, proud and erect

Cameras emerge and aim at the tree,

Reflection and awe abound but not me.


I think, “Is this almost over? I have to pee.”






via Daily Prompt: Glorious

7 thoughts on “Mother Nature Calls

      1. Awesome. Well I live vicariously after all, smirk smirk. Having said that, I loved the pic, it’s beautiful. It’s always wonderful to hear good news, like you were having a great time.😍😙😘😚😊😊

      2. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed shaky photography. The last eagle we saw (shared pic) was close to the end of the trip. I was in a popcorn and chocolate coma. Darn those boat concessions.

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