She caught his eye, blushed and turned away, unprepared to deal with such overwhelming temptation.

“Don’t deny me Susannah. What we have is-” He sucked in a breath and in the space of a moment desire flared. “Irresistable.”

His southern drawl skittered up and down her spine, and she drew nearer. “I shouldn’t.” But it was too late. A heady aroma enveloped her in a seductive web of hunger and want, and she ran a finger over his hot skin, her nail piercing his tender flesh.

“Maybe just a taste,” she whispered, grabbing a leg

“You won’t be disappointed. I’m finger lickin’ good.”


I don’t know why food porn today seemed appropriate, but I think it’s time for dinner.


(C) Sara Ackerman, 2017


via Daily Prompt: Deny

3 thoughts on “Hunger

    1. I was so hungry that day! Previously, I had put a picture of a very ripped Colonel Sanders carrying a woman up the hill, but because it wasn’t mine, I didn’t want to get sued. Anyway, the picture is the cover of a romance novel written about KFC. I about died when I saw the pic and heard about the book. Have yet to read it, tho.

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