My mouth weeps

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My mouth weeps for me

in crimson rivers flowing

between sealed lips

gliding down marked skin

they trace ribbons of guilt and shame

over rounded flesh

curved hips and strong thighs

until I am stained with words

not my own


my mouth weeps for me

yet the only two words my mangled tongue

has wished to scream

remain trapped behind smiling acceptance

and wary eyes

for expectations always met


my mouth weeps for me

for my silence and self-preservation

they gather into ruby puddles

curving, arcing words

form my soul’s cry

…#me too.

21 thoughts on “My mouth weeps

      1. FUCK THAT Shit! I get furiously angry sorry I can’t help it. It is one thing that infuriates me to the nth DEGREE!!!! I’m so sorry this happened. It puts a blight on the relationship and on some level erodes your confide center in you when it’s only LOSS of respect for THEM since the action was THEIRS and theirs alone and if your like me, will forever keep your distance physically emotionally. They damaged something special your trust. How I see it.

      2. I haven’t reported it yet because I am not super comfortable with my administrator but a friend of mine is going to go with me on Monday. I’ll definitely be keeping that person at arm’s length.

      3. I’m so very sorry, Sara, more than I can say. I hope beyond hope your words don’t fall on deaf ears. You deserve more than this, you ARE MORE than this. Your such a beautiful woman

      4. I’m a huge fan of The Voice. It stopped the audience cold when Blake Shelton warned a contestant a beautiful innocent young girl, be careful who you pick, which road you go down, because of the abuse in the Industry. Pick me, I’ll watch over you from here on out. Adam Levine scrunched back in his seat distancing himself as it were, the other judges heads snapped so fast I thought they’d snap their necks and the audience went dead silent. He wanted her to know Hollywood and the Music Industry wasn’t a safe place. I thought he’d lose his spot on the panel which would be horrific. Thankfully he’s still there. That was the last round a few months back long before the latest hollywood crap hit the papers.

    1. I haven’t had it yet. Monday I was out with a stomach bug. Went to work today and shouldn’t have and am not going into work tomorrow because I’m still not well. I”ll let you know how it goes, tho, when I do talk to my administrator. Thank you for asking.

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