No particular road

She stands undecided in the fading light of day

Looking over an overgrown path or a straight, simple way.

The sun tints her hair a rosy golden hue

As she peers down each path choosing what to do.

She glances behind her and tosses a saucy smile.

“Shall we take the easy path or hike for several miles?”


A lump catches in his throat and his mouth goes suddenly dry

When did she become his life, someone for whom he’d easily die?

“I’ll take whichever path you think is best

As long as I can go with you on life’s endless quest.

Be my partner and my friend, my confidant and mate.

Tangled paths or easy roads- together, let’s bind our fate.”


And so she put her hand in his, her face radiant, eyes aglow,

“As long as we’re together,” she said, “I don’t mind which way we go.”

Ā© Sara Ackerman, 2017

13 thoughts on “No particular road

    1. Thank you. I was inspired today by my husband. He was holding my hand in church. A simple act, but one that even after almost 13 years together, means so much. Glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Sometimes, it’s those unexpected simple but greatly appreciated acts of love and affection that simply make your heart pump, love grow and eyes shine. I’m so happy for you Sarah. That is special indeed šŸ™‚

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