For my birthday, I told the hubs I wanted to be a queen complete with tiara, a golden carriage pulled by white stallions to carry me about and a chorus of singers heralding my entrance into every room. Unreasonable? Maybe, so we compromised and he made me a lady instead.


I officially own one square foot of land in Scotland at Dunans Castle and am a Lady of Dunans. The queendom is one step closer to my grasp. I fully intend to be crowned by the time I’m 40. Of course, not being royal may impede this bucket list item….

However, my new elevated status is fueling my creative juices. Is it terribly egotistical to write a story in which the author stars as the heroine? I’m already picturing a time travel back to Dunans glory days.

Happy birthday to me and to anyone else lucky enough to be born in March!


(C) Sara Ackerman, 2018

6 thoughts on “M’Lady

    1. I got my official deed and my official, legal rights to the term lady. I think he’s taking me to Europe next year so well be able to go see my plot. Super excited!

      1. I believe so, tho people might think I’m pretentious. The paperwork I received said I had legal rights to use the title Lady, so maybe I will.

      2. Why not????? I think it would be a complete delight and in keeping with your writing too. I think that’s pretty special! I don’t see you as pretentious at all. Who wouldn’t enjoy? Sir Tom Jones, Lady Densche? to name a few? hehe go for it!!!!!!

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