Love’s Radiant Light: Silence is Golden Excerpt


A lazy day excerpt from my second book, Silence is Golden. Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wild Rose Press and others. Alfred and Evie’s love story is still by far my most favorite.


He was waiting for her on the sand. She sat beside him, and the two watched as the sun rose from the ocean, shining like a fireball on the distant horizon. It gilded the sea with fingers of gold and silver and caught the vibrant hues of her short, curly hair until she
seemed to glow like a beacon of light. She was beautiful. With eyes closed, she faced the morning sun, her head tilted back to better enjoy the warmth. Fragments of color sparkled off the water droplets clinging to her bared legs, dazzling him with a rainbow of color. She smiled, and his heart did a funny little beat in his chest. It was the first smile he had seen in two months.

He had been wrong. She wasn’t gone, nor had she ever left him. Like a butterfly, she had transformed and emerged stronger and more beautiful for the trials she had faced. These past months had changed him, too. Doubts about the success of their marriage no longer assailed him. He knew they could face whatever life threw at them, for they had already walked through the fire and emerged victorious, scarred and battered but together.

Her notebook hung from her skirt pocket, and he pulled it out. Opening to a clean page, he wrote. He tapped her on the knee, and she turned, a familiar sparkle lighting her face. He tapped her knee again, and she took the notebook to read the three words he had
written. Tears came to her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, each drop glistening like diamonds in the early morning sun. He wiped them away, and she grasped his
hand, holding it there.

“I love you, too,” she said.

Silver Tongued Temptress concludes the Westby Sisters’ Trilogy and will be released later in 2018. Cover reveal coming soon!

(C) Sara Ackerman, 2018

13 thoughts on “Love’s Radiant Light: Silence is Golden Excerpt

      1. I’m glad you both enjoyed it. I’ll let you know when I need beta readers. If you’d like I can send you a free copy of my first one. You’ve been so supportive, i’d like you to have one. If interested, you can email me your details to my email on the contact page and I’ll send you one.

      2. I’m writing a trio of Christmas novellas around 3 characters from the original series. Then maybe a break? I do have some ideas on the back burner but am not sure what I’m going to do at this point. Writing is a hobby, so as long as it is fun I will continue to do find projects, I imagine.

      3. The Christmas novellas sound wonderful. I love reading Christmas stories, all year round. Cant help myself! Yes, and fun it the operative word. I love writing. Other than looking after grand kids (early to bed – not early to rise – definitely) my life is busy. I thought writing would take up the majority of my day, but not as yet, lol

      4. I thought I had replied to this!! Must have composed it in my head and forgot to write it down or, you know, send. Christmas stories are my favorite too. I love the messages and hope mine will keep with the feelings if the season. How many grands do you have?

      5. I have 4 – one is 8, one 10, one 15 (16 in July) one 16 (17 in a few days) and an adopted grand who is 17 (soon to be 18) They keep me young and heart and busy busy busy. I’m up at 7 to get the little ones off to school and up late to make sure the older ones are home and safe. Long days, but usually fun days. They have their moments, for sure!

      6. Sounds like they keep you busy! I know we couldn’t get by without our parents. Fortunately both of ours are still alive and nearby. How wonderful for you to be able to share in their lives. Precious memories.

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