Homebody at heart

Every time I think about

eXiting my house to

Plod down a

Long, unknown road

On to great adventure

Raging rashes from the stress of packing

 Erupt, so I stay home.

16 thoughts on “Homebody at heart

  1. I completely agree! Sometimes doing things at home like deep clean the kitchen or do the laundry are seriously more preferable than going on a trip.

    1. I haven’t blogged until recently, so you wouldn’t have seen anything until now. Was out of work for over a month because of illness. Actually, I was hospitalized and very, very ill. Feeling much better and have felt well enough to think beyond my immediate health. Also, when I went into your blog, it said I was not following it, which is crazy because I have been for awhile. So, I hadn’t been seeing any of yours in my feed, either, until I discovered that yesterday. That was weird.

      1. Yes, there’ have been some unsual things happening. Hopefully we’ve fixed this end, but there are many I can’t even get to or see that I follow, and peek in on. Suddenly last night a bunch of missing ppl appeared. I was stunned. wp at it’s best I guess. righting a wrong. I am so sorry to hear you’ve been that ill. Whatever it was, I sincerely with heartfelt prayer hope it is gone forever! That you are recovering quickly. All my best along with a huge heartfelt hug! xoxoxo

      2. I hope it’s fixed for you too. It’s frustrating to pay for a product and to have it be wonky. I’m doing better, thank you. Still tired but recovering. I appreciate your kind thoughts and the hug 😊

      3. Your so welcome. Your such a delight and it makes my heart sad to know you’ve suffered with such difficult health issues over the years. You deserve more! Better!

    1. I agree! It was nice to see what you’ve been up to, too. I hope the changing season has been treating you well. I’m glad to be done with winter.

      1. -14 and – 8 and snow is threatening, had sleet and hail, snow on the mountain which I can see from here, and quite near. I hate complaining, but I really really want spriiiiiing! lol Hummingbirds are showing up and a couple bees but no warm weather yet.

      2. Yikes! You’ve got it a lot worse than we do. How far north are you? Poor little hummingbirds. They must be wondering what’s going on. I hope for all your sakes, April starts behaving!

      3. We’re (believe it or not) on the 49th parallel and close to Seattle, but dang we’ve had unreasonable weather. Garry (Armstrong) said, I bet the poor little fellow was stuttering a song. He’d be right. Thankfully it’s warmer today 8 degrees.

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