A likely etymology

Frigid and rigid are so much the same
Perhaps a Wisconsite came up with the name
When walking out in winter, his best girl on his arm
He wanted to impress, and show off his charm
By weaving his words into poetry and verse
(He prayed his words didn’t sound too rehearsed)
For he knew of his lady’s preference for pretty things
Like flowers and chocolates and shiny gold rings.
He was a poor man and had little to offer
His clothes were worn and as for his coffer
It was empty until he could find a girl to wed
Haul in her fortune and get her to bed.
So knowing her love for beautiful words
He crafted a poem about winter’s bright birds
Including a nod to earth’s frozen snooze
Even metaphors about rigid trees’ skeletal views
But the cold had frozen his nose and his toes
And his brain told him it was too chilly for prose
With no other option than to keep it short
He stumbled upon a less witty retort
He prayed she’d laugh and pointed to the trees,
Rubbed his hands for warmth, and hoped she could see
He meant no harm when he called frozen nature fookin’ rigid
But, alas, our poor hero only stammered, “f-f-f-frigid.”

(C) Sara Ackerman, 2018

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