Bucket list by ages 10-18

In honor of summer, my daughters and I create a list of items we’d like to do or experience before school starts again. We call it our summer bucket list. I’m a list maker from way back and find a secret thrill in writing recently completed items on my list just for the pleasure of immediately crossing them off. Yes, I’m one of those. In the spirit of bucket listing our summer plans, here’s a look back at my top 10 between ages 10-18.

1.Marry Kirk Cameron or Michael J. Fox.

Apparently neither man got the memo they were slated to be my groom because they have both been married for almost 30 years TO OTHER WOMEN. Their publicists obviously diverted my letters and thwarted a timeless romance. Or a really short one given I was 9 when Michael J. Fox married, and most states do not endorse child marriages that young.

Embed from Getty Images

2. Live in a mansion with ‘help.’

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Because who wants to do chores or share space with siblings? Needless to say, I have never lived in a mansion nor will I. Too much work to maintain.

3.Be a millionaire (obviously if I’m going to live in a mansion).

I earned less than $5 a week in allowance. What was I thinking?

4. Have my first kiss.

I think I was 13. It was memorable for its wetness. ‘Nuff said.

5. Go on a date with my crush.

My crush wasn’t interested so I settled for my crush’s friend. The movie was horrible and the handsy groping was uncomfortable. After that, I didn’t date much in high school.

6. Be a model.

Considering I was shy and awkward, I don’t know how I thought this one was going to happen. Despite having an hour glass figure by the age of 16 (36, 34, 36) and a propensity for blushing when someone stared at me, I did manage to model a green nightie and feather boa** in my sophomore year production of L’il Abner where I played Stupifying Jones, the sexy robot who stupified men with a swish of her hips.

**Who puts a 16 year old in a nightie and sends them on stage?? Who? There are photos of me in the yearbook, and my school frequently posts old photos on the website to share our school’s pride. I work in my old district and have established myself as a serious professional. I can not have pictures of me in a nightie surfacing for all to see. Lord love me. Why did I want to be a model?

7. Learn to drive

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My mom taught me until I accidentally pressed the gas instead of the brake and nearly put a hole in the garage door. Then my dad took over and he taught me on a stick shift. After months of lectures, a string of cursing and a lot of crying (sorry dad!) I got my license. It was many years later, though, that I consistently remembered the art of turning off the headlights, filling up the gas tank before it’s empty and not locking the keys in the car.

8. Graduate high school.

Not to date myself, but that happy event happened in 1997. (Though dating myself would have been preferable to the awkward grope fest I was subjected to in the 8th grade).

9. Get accepted into a good college and win some scholarships.

I was accepted into Beloit College, a small, private, liberal arts college in beautiful southern Wisconsin, and won a $24,000 academic scholarship (to offset the cost of the $30,000 annual tuition cost). Woohoo!

10. Go to college far from home.

Beloit is 40 miles from my home. I went anyway.

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