Playing Doctor

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Me: You know, I only need 2 more classes and I’d have another Masters, but in ESL/Bilingual education, not just education.

Hubs: A double Masters. Just think how close you’d be to a doctorate at that point.

Me: I don’t want a PhD.

Hubs: Dr. Sara.

Me: Too much work.

Hubs: Is there a doctor in the house? Why yes there is. Dr. Sara.

Me: Saying my name like that isn’t going to convince me to go for my PhD, unless you’d be my nurse.

Hubs: I don’t have that kind of training to-

Me: (wiggling my eyebrows) Not that kind of nurse, stud.

Hubs: Get the degree and I’ll buy a damned nurse’s uniform off of Amazon.

Me: I look forward to scrubbing in with you.

Hubs: Happy to assist, doctor.

Long story short, I might be getting my doctorate. Oh, and married innuendos are the best.

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