From the mouths of babes

My kiddos, CJ, age 11, and J, age 15, and I had an honest conversation. I asked them questions without prompting and here is what they think of their mom.

Me: What is something I say a lot?
CJ: Yes, I love you.     J: Damn it.

Me: What makes me happy?
CJ: Me     J: Scottish men

Me: What makes me sad?
CJ: When I’m gone     J: School

Me: How tall am I?
CJ: 5’4″     J: 5’4.5″

Me: What’s my favorite thing to do?
CJ: Binge Hallmark Movies     J: Look at kilted men on the internet

Me: What is my favorite food?
CJ: Eggs     J: bread

Me: What is my favorite drink?
CJ: Water     J: Wine

Me: If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
CJ and J: Scotland

Me: Do you think you could live without me?
CJ and J: No

Me: How do I annoy you?
CJ: I don’t know that I want to roast you, Mom
J: By insisting you’re 5’4.5″

Me: What is my favorite TV show?
CJ: Big bang theory      J: Scottish porn (Outlander)

Me: What is my favorite music to listen to?
CJ and J: Classical music

Me: What is my job?
CJ and J: Teach ESL

Me: How old am I?
CJ and J: 38

Me: What’s my favorite color?
CJ and J: Blue

Me: How much do you love me?
CJ: More than the sky     J: (hides in closet)

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