A Writer’s Resolutions

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  1. Write, write, write every day.

To answer your question, yes, signing your name on a credit card slip for delivery totally counts as writing.

  1. Avoid social media when working.

No, you do not want to check your European castle board on Pinterest to help with ‘the writing process.’ You know you’ll only spend hours organizing your boards and dreaming about buying a castle you can’t afford  instead of using the board for historical accuracy like you originally intended.

  1. Look for inspiration in the world around you.

That means you can totally buy the French Firefighter Calendar and write it off as a business expense. Talk about inspiration for some sexy heroes! Hubba, hubba!

  1. Put the time into researching.

Calm down, Homeland Security. Just because you Googled it, doesn’t mean you really want to kill someone with exotic poisons, nor do you intend to forge a buttload of money using only your Smartphone and the color copier at Staples.

  1. Find a writing buddy or two and collaborate.

And if you get side-tracked by a bottle (or three) of red wine, some chocolate and the latest gossip about your favorite TV shows, just remember, it’s all part of the process.


Happy New Year to all my writing (and non-writing) friends! May your wit be sharp and your computers virus free!