Silver-Tongued Temptress


Beatrice Westby fights for her life after her ship explodes and leaves her near death. Rescued by her childhood sweetheart, Luka Stefano nurses her back to health. Fate, Luka believes, brought Bea into his life for a reason, but his plans change when Bea awakens, her memories gone, and believes they’re married. Thrust into the role of doting husband, Luka falls under Bea’s seductive spell again.

Another man seeks Beatrice, and Thomas Wickes will stop at nothing to find the woman he claimed as his. When he finds her after months of searching, their reunion is short lived, for Beatrice’s memories return. Unable to choose between the two men she loves, she flees across war-torn France to find the man who killed her father, Luka and Thomas in pursuit. Even as she fights her shadowy past, she untangles the mysteries of her heart and chooses, altering her future forever.

Available June 27, 2018.


(C) Sara Ackerman, 2017